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Garden Tools & Sundries

Fothergills Lawn Seed From Cornmeter DIY
Buy mole repellent granules at Cornmeter DIY
At Cornmeter, we put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right products for our gardening department. Being independent means that each product is chosen because we believe it is good quality and value for money, and not because we are contractually tied to certain big brand manufacturers. 
This freedom allows us to stock quality products from brands that you are unlikely to see on the shelves of multiples, such as Faithfull hoses and fittings and the Bulldog range of expert quality garden tools. 
Faithfull hs.jpg
Cornmeter sells quality wheelbarrows
Cornmeter 120 Litre Garden Waste Bag
Cornmeter DIY sells Bulldog Tools
Whether you are looking for a quality garden hose that does not leak, a pair of secateurs, pest control products, plant and tree ties, effective weed-killers, a sturdy spade and fork, plant food and fertilisers, wheelbarrows, galvanised wire, hanging basket brackets, gardening gloves, grass seed or even bags of compost, there is a very good chance you will find what you need for your garden in our store. Why waste hours searching for what you want? Make Cornmeter your first stop for garden products.
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