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Getting to know Cornmeter

Cornmeter Ltd. is a thriving independent business specialising in DIY materials, blinds and soft furnishings. Established as a hardware store in 1961, Cornmeter has grown and evolved to be much more. Our knowledgeable staff (with over a century of experience in the trade between them) take pride in offering our customers the kind of personal service that multiples just can`t match. Whether you need advice about screws, timber, tools, home security, paint, blinds or soft furnishings, we have a member of staff who will have a wealth of knowedge in the subject and who will be happy to assist you, our customer.

Historical Cornmeter House

Meet Cornmeter - Your DIY Specialists

We’re DIY specialists and traditionalists, which means we believe in good tools and good service and we think you should have the best advice available.  We also think you should be able to choose from the most reliable tools and DIY products on the market.  We love doing those little things that the big stores can’t be bothered with.  And we don’t think you should have to pay any extra for all that - in fact you might find you pay less. If you’re looking for quality DIY equipment and home furnishings, come to Cornmeter, we’d be delighted to help.

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