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Adhesives, Fillers & Sealants

Cornmeter Diy stocks an impressive range of quality  fillers, sealants and adhesives. No matter what material you are trying to bond, fill or seal, there is a very good chance that Cornmeter will have the perfect product for the job.


Whether you are filling wood, plaster or even metal, we can help. Products on our shelves include fine surface and lightweight fillers, deep fill, decorators caulk and wood fillers for interior and exterior use.


We stock a large variety of high performance sealants for baths and showers, frames, roofline applications and much more. Products in stock include the amazing Bond-It range of top quality sealants. Never heard of them? Try Bond-It products and be amazed at just how good they are.


If you are looking for construction adhesives, wood glue, super glue, gap filling adhesives, contact and spray adhesives or epoxy resin glue, you are sure to find what you need at Cornmeter DIY.

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